Paper wasps Polistes dominula at the nest.

Team »Phylogeny and Evolution of Insects«

Paper wasps Polistes dominula at the nest.
Image: Hans Pohl

Research Group »Phylogeny and Evolution of Insects«

Male of Xenos vesparum (Strepsiptera), coloured scanning electron micrograph.
PD Dr. Hans Pohl
Platypsyllus castoris Ritsema 1869, beaver beetle, scanning electron micrograph.
Prof. Dr. Rolf G. Beutel
†Camelosphecia fossor Boudinot et al., 2020 holotype female from Kachin amber.
Dr. Brendon E. Boudinot
Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow
Male and female of Stylops ovinae. The endoparasitic female protrudes from the abdomen of her host.
Kenny Jandausch
PhD student
Head of Sinaphaenops wangorum, 3D reconstruction, digestive tract green, musculature red.
Xiaozhu Luo
PhD student
Head of male Dorylus helvolus, sausagefly.
Olivia Moosdorf
Master student
3D-renders of heads of Protanilla lini (left) and Tatuidris tatusia (right) two unusual ant species.
Adrian Richter
PhD student
Male tertiary larva of Eoxenos laboulbenei (top) and female of Mengenilla moldrzyki (bottom).
Daniel Tröger
PhD student
Psocid (Lepinotus sp.), colored scanning electron micrograph.
Michael Weingardt
Master student
Heads of mutants of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. Coloured scanning electron micrographs.
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