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Institute of Zoology and Evolutionary Research

Zoologisches Institut
Image: Dr. Hans Pohl


We welcome you to the website of our institute. Here you will find information about the main research areas in our facilities and about the working groups of the institute. Furthermore, the Phyletisches Museum and the Ernst-Haeckel-Haus present themselves with their exhibition, their collections and events.

Parts of the Institute:

Goldschrecke - side view
Chair: Prof. Dr. Manuela Nowotny
Composite image of individually photographed insects.
Entomology at the Institute of Zoology and Evolutionary Research comprises the two research groups »Phylogeny and Evolution of Insects« and »Macroecology and Biogeography of Moths«
Phyletisches Museum: Showcase about Human evolution
Institute for Zoology and Evolutionary Research
Bienenhaus AG Biodidaktik
Chair: apl. Prof. Dr. Uwe Hoßfeld
Historical equipment such as microscopes and charge columns from the 19th century
Our research and teaching explore the formation of scientific...
Außenansicht vom Institut für Archäogenetik
Chair: Prof. Dr. Johannes Krause
Phyletisches Museum
Founded by Ernst Haeckel, the Phyletisches Museum.
Außenansicht des Ernst-Haeckel-Haus bei Sonnenschein
Link to the museum and archive from Ernst-Haeckel