†Camelosphecia fossor Boudinot et al., 2020 holotype female from Kachin amber.

Dr. Brendon E. Boudinot

Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow
†Camelosphecia fossor Boudinot et al., 2020 holotype female from Kachin amber.
Image: Phil Barden
Dr. Brendon E. Boudinot
Dr. Brendon E. Boudinot
Image: Brendon E. Boudinot


Dr. Brendon E. Boudinot

Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Institute of Zoology and Evolutionary Research
Phyletisches Museum
Vor dem Neutor 1 (room 206)
07743 Jena

Tel.: +49 3641 9-49181

Research Interest

My overarching interest is the origin and evolution of complex phenotypic systems. The primary foci of my studies have been the malegenitalia of insects, the locomotory apparati of Hymenoptera, and the evolution and systematics of Formicidae and the Aculeata. My research integrates comparative anatomy, phylogenetic modeling, paleontology, and developmental biology to systematically resolve the patterns and pathways of morphological evolution. Through my work, I also provide identification resources for ants and other Hymenoptera, with special emphasis on the statistical resolution of character polarities for taxon diagnosis.

My work integrates fossils with molecular data to estimate phylogeny and the pathways of morphological evolution.
My work integrates fossils with molecular data to estimate phylogeny and the pathways of morphological evolution.
Graphic: Brendon Boudinot

Research Topics

  • Phylogenetics (morphological, molecular)
  • Arthropod anatomy (skeletomusculature)
  • Evolutionary morphology
  • Systematics of Formicidae and Hymenoptera
  • Paleontology

Research Methods

  • Sanger and UCE sequencing, analysis
  • Bayesian and maximum likelihood phylogenetics
  • Divergence dating, phylogeography, ancestral state estimation
  • µ-CT segmentation, 3D rendering
  • Stereomicroscopy, scanning electron microscopy
  • Linear and geometric morphometrics

Short CV


2014–2020      Ph.D., Entomology. University of California, Davis (advisor: Dr. Philip S. Ward).

2008–2012      B.Sc., Entomology. The Evergreen State College, Washington (mentor: Dr. John T. Longino).

Professional appointments

2020–        Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow. Institut für Zoologie und Evolutionsforschung, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany.

2012–13    Scientific Technician. The University of Utah.

2009–12    Fellow of the Natural History Collections. The Evergreen State College.

Honors & Awards

2022    Bernhard Rensch Prize. Society for Biological Systematics (GfBS, Germany).

2020    Robert Evans Snodgrass Memorial Research Award for Outstanding Ph. D. Dissertation. Systematics & Evolutionary Biology Section, Entomol. Soc. America.

2019    John Henry Comstock Graduate Student Award. Pacific Branch of the Entomol. Soc. America.

2019    Graduate Student Service Award. Department of Entomology & Nematology, UC Davis.

2018    Linnaean Games Regional & National Champion. Entomol. Soc. America.

2017    President’s Prize. Graduate level. Entomol. Soc. America: Systematics & Evolutionary Biology.

2016    Linnaean Games Regional & International Champion. International Congress of Entomol.

2015    Linnaean Games Regional & National Champion. Entomol. Soc. America.

2014    President’s Prize. Graduate level. Entomol. Soc. America: Systematics & Evolutionary Biology.

2012    President’s Prize. Undergraduate level. Entomol. Soc. America: Systematics & Evolutionary Biology.

Taxonomic patronym

2021    Syscia boudinoti, Longino & Branstetter, 2021. Insect Syst. Divers. 5, 1–51.

Scientific affiliations

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Coleopterists Society (CS)
Entomological Society of America (ESA)
International Society of Hymenopterists (ISH)
International Union for the Study of Social Insects (IUSSI)


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Book chapters

Delsinne, T., Boudinot, B.E., Leponce, M. and Serna, F. 2019. Capítulo 13: Glosario de morfología. In: Fernandez, F., Guerrero, R. & Delsinne, T. (eds.) Hormigas de Colombia. Bogotá: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias, pp. 387–457.

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Media Coverage

2022 February 22.  Division of labour in ants goes back over 100 million years.External link idw scientific information service.

2022 January 27. Ant Research: The story behind the Lasius work by three alumni of the Phil Ward lab. External link Entomology & Nematology News.

2021 October 5. “Once-in-a generation” tardigrade fossil discovery reveals new species in 16-million-year-old amberExternal link.EurekAlert!

2021 July. UC Davis Alumnus Receives Robert Snodgrass AwardExternal link. California Ag Today.

2021 July 2. The Art of the AntExternal link. University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources.

2020 December 22. Beast ant – a lost ant-wasp intermediateExternal link. Myrmecological News.

2020 August 7. Brendon Boudinot Receives ESA's Robert E. Snodgrass Memorial Research AwardExternal link. UC ANR Entomology & Nematology News.

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2019 November 12. New collection showcases cutting-edge techniques in insect morphology and systematicsExternal link. EurekAlert!

2015 January 23. Male ants “don’t get no respect” until nowExternal link. The Daily Democrat.

Research Talks


2022          “Origin and Evolution of Ants and the Aculeata” (lead author). International Conference on Insect Systematics and Evolutionary Biology. Indian Society of Evolutionary Biologists (ISEB) and Punjabi University Patiala. *** Expected 16–18 Feb.

2021          “Origin and Morphological Evolution of the Ants” (sole author). Rockefeller University.

2021          “Origin and Evolution of the Ants” (sole author). University of Copenhagen, Ecology & Evolution Section.

2020          Snodgrass Memorial Lecture (sole author). Entomol. Soc. America, National Meeting.

2020          “Morphological Insights into the Evolution of Ant Eusociality” (sole author). Entomol. Soc. America, National Meeting.

2020          “The Aculeate Ancestry and Evolution of the Ants (Hymenoptera)” (lead author). Entomol. Soc. America, Pacific Branch, Spokane, WA. *Cancelled due to COVID-19.

2020          “Insects, Species, and Extinction” (sole author). UC Davis Law School Symposium on Insect Decline, Davis, CA.

2019          “Altered States: Aculeate Anatomy and the Early Evolution of the Formicoidea” (lead author). XIV Simpósio de Mirmecologia, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

2019          “A General Theory of Genital Homologies for the Hexapoda (Pancrustacea)” (sole author). 9th Dresden Meeting on Insect Phylogeny, Dresden, Germany.

2019          “Cambrian to the Quaternary: Insect Phylogeny and Evolutionary History” (sole author). Entomol. Soc. America, Pac. Branch, San Diego, CA. *John Henry Comstock Award Presentation.

2018          “Bayesian Phylogenetics: Morphological Modeling” (sole author). Entomol. Soc. America, Pac. Branch, Reno NV.

2017          “Stem or Crown: The Cretaceous Fauna and the Ant Tree of Life” (sole author). Barry Bolton Tribute Symposium. XXIII Simpósio de Mirmecologia, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.

2016          “Male Ants: Past, Present, and Prospects” (sole author). Advances in Ant Systematics Symposium. International Congress of Entomology, Orlando, FL.

2015          “Prospects for the Study of Male Ants” (sole author). XXII Simpósio de Mirmecologia, Ilhéus, Bahia, Brazil.

2015          “Updating Our Understanding of Ants” (sole author). California Department of Food and Agriculture Seminar Series, Sacramento, CA.

2015          “Relict Spider Ants: A Tale of Discovery and Intrigue” (first author). UC Berkeley Graduate Entomology Seminar Series, Berkeley, CA.


2021          “Head Anatomy and Evolution of the Sausagefly and the Driver Ant (Formicidae: Dorylinae)” (lead author). Entomol. Soc. America, Denver, CO. November 2021.

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2017          “The Protopodal Theory of Genitalic Evolution in the Hexapoda” (sole author). Entomological Society of America, Denver, CO. *Awarded ESA President’s Prize.

2016          “Hunting the Martian Ant, Martialis heureka” (sole author). International Union for the Study of Social Insects Meeting, Orlando, FL.

2016          “African Fossiliferous Amber: A Review” (second author). 7th International Conference on Fossil Insects, Arthropods, and Amber, Edinburgh, U.K.

2014          “Male Ants of the New World” (sole author). Entomological Society of America, Portland, OR. *Awarded ESA President’s Prize.

Conference Abstracts/Poster


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