Psocid (Lepinotus sp.), colored scanning electron micrograph.

Michael Weingardt

Master student
Psocid (Lepinotus sp.), colored scanning electron micrograph.
Image: Hans Pohl
Michael Weingardt
Michael Weingardt
Image: Hans Pohl


Michael Weingardt

Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Institute of Zoology and Evolutionary Research
Phyletisches Museum
Vor dem Neutor 1 (room 205)
07743 Jena

Tel.: +49 3641 9-49149

Research Interest

I’m currently working on the anatomy of the secondary larvae of the fascinating endoparasite strepsipteran Xenos vesparum which parasitizes among other wasps the European paper wasp Polistes dominula. Using µCT, I was able to segment the anatomy of the secondary larvae of both sexes and gain new insights into the development of the extremely modified Stylopidia, including the neoteny of this group.

My main research focus lies on the anatomy and evolution of the morphologically diverse order Psocodea, especially the free-living forms (»Psocoptera«). As Psocodea was recovered as the sister group of the holometabolous insects in recent phylogenomic studies, there should be a focus on finding characters which might support this sister group relationship morphologically. With the help of µCT, histology and SEM, I aim to provide a modern description and a clear terminology of the head anatomy of a generalized member of this relatively heterogenous insect order.

Nymph of a true louse (Philopteridae), scanning electron micrograph.
Nymph of a true louse (Philopteridae), scanning electron micrograph.
Image: Hans Pohl

Research Topics

  • Anatomy of Psocodea, especially head anatomy
  • Evolution of Psocodea
  • Faunistics of Psocoptera in Germany
  • Anatomy of Strepsiptera

Research Methods

  • Micro-CT (µCT)
  • Computer-based 3D reconstruction
  • Histology
  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
  • Stereomicroscopy

Short CV

since 01.2019           M. Sc. Evolution, Ecology & Systematics, FSU Jena (Thesis project: The endoparasitic larval stages of Xenos vesparum Rossi, 1793 (Strepsiptera, Xenidae); supervision by PD Dr. H. Pohl & Prof. Dr. R. Beutel

Professional experience

10.2021–02.2022           Teaching assistant, practical courses, »Zoologisches Grundpraktikum (BB007, BB1.3, LBio-Zoo1)« and »Zoologisches Praktikum (BEW002, FMI-BI0040)«

10.2021           Teaching assistant, practical course, »Morphologie und Diversität der Arthropoda (BB3.Z2)«

07.–09.2019           Voluntary internship at Museum für Tierkunde, Dresden (Senckenberg Naturhistorische Sammlungen) in the group of Dr. M. Nuß (Lepidoptera)

09.2019           Technical support/IT at the 9th Dresden Meeting on Insect Phylogeny.

Scholarships and awards

since 07.2021           Honours Programme for Future ResearchersExternal link, FSU Jena (Project: Head anatomy of barklice)


Schuch, S., Schmidt, C., Weingardt, M., 2021. Erstnachweis der Staublausart Mesopsocus fuscifrons, Meinander, 1966 in Deutschland (Psocodea, „Psocoptera“). Sächsische Entomologische Zeitschrift 11, 40–45. PDFExternal link